Mullagori tribespersons ‘between a rock and unsafe water’

JAMRUD, Khyber Agency: Members of the Mullagori tribe in Khyber Agency are suffering from various diseases, particularly dental problems, owing to unsafe drinking water. Though the marble factories in the area are profitable for the locals, these are also contaminating water in the area and causing health issues. During a visit to the area that […]

Asbanr valley: life in a naturalist wonderland

Muhammad Shahid ASBANR VALLEY, Lower Dir: As the sunrays fall on the green hills in Asbanr valley of Lower Dir district, the wheel of life begins turning gradually, with children on way to schools, farmers to their fields and so on. Aslam, about 17, has the knack of walking through an ever-flowing stream in the […]

Pakistan nation, ululation and olden kings

Muhammad Shahid PESHAWAR: In the olden times, when people started dying of hunger in a country due to famine, a servant of the king came to the palace, sweating and upset. “What is the situation?” asks the king. “My lord, people are dying, there is no bread and butter, no water. Except us in this […]

Swat Festival: Kalam-addicts can’t help it despite road troubles

Muhammad Shahid KALAM VALLEY, Swat: The four-day Swat Summer Festival, held from June 20 to 23, definitely provided an opportunity to tourists to enjoy the cool weather of Kalam valley, but the topsy-turvy road leading to the area exhausts the tourists who have to take sound rest before enjoying such events. The festival was inaugurated […]

Scenic beauty of Laram Top pulling nature lovers

LARAM TOP, Lower Dir: The midnight howling of jackals on the forested and cloud-piercing Laram hills may disturb tourists. However, for the quinquagenarian Muhammad Karim Khan it is a routine affair. Karim Khan is a resident of the area by birth and enjoys serving the guests and tourists. His sense of hospitality is evident by […]

Tourists bid ‘ashpata’ to Chilimjusht 2012

BAMBORET, Chitral: Pakistani and foreign tourists bade ‘ashpata’ to the Chilimjusht, a four-day spring festival celebrated by the Kalasha community of Birir, Rambur and Bamboret valleys in Chitral district from May 13 to 16 in the lush green hills amid tight security this year. ‘Ashpata’ is a common word, and the first thing learnt by […]

UoP Baragali campus: a stroll through clouds

BARAGALI: As the call for Maghrib prayer echoes in the air, Muhammad Ajab stops ruminating, leaves his chair and walks towards the servant quarters at the picturesque summer campus of the University of Peshawar. For several others like Ajab, a Class-IV employee less than 60 years of age, the jungle life is quite peaceful. However, […]