Exams…? Don’t worry your pretty little head


Photostat shopkeepers making money by selling ‘readymade’ notes, which are promoting rote learning

 By Muhammad Shahid 

PESHAWAR: With the M.A exams round the corner, the exam phobia has overwhelmed numerous students who are now in search of notes, while the Photostat shopkeepers on campus are hitting the jackpot by selling ‘readymade’ notes to students.

But rumour has it that the readymade notes available at campus shops promote rote learning. The issue attracted mixed feelings from students and teachers during a survey conducted by the Campus Bulletin on August 7.

Bahar Ali, who has a Xerox machine fixed outside a shop on campus, stated that he was making enough money by selling photocopies of the notes that he had obtained from some students. “We usually earn more money in the exam days when students visit shops to obtain notes,” he added.

If there is something Sultan will not do, it is to obtain notes from Photostat shops to prepare for his exam. “I received notes for M.A (previous year) from a Photostat shop on campus, but was shocked to see the paper that was out of course,” Sultan told the Campus Bulletin.

Sultan said he would no longer rely on such notes, and that he would now study books to take the M.A (Final year)’s papers. “Notes being sold by shopkeepers on campus are not a good option as they contain selective questions. I think one must study books to appear in exams,” he added.

Ansar, from the Archaeology Department, stated that notes available at campus shops could easily enable a student to pass the exam, but added that it also spoiled the students’ interests, as “Students do not study throughout the year, but take the exam after studying the readymade notes for two or three months. Thus it deprives students of their research skills.”

Munir, another student, blamed teachers for the spread of readymade notes on campus. “Teachers should provide their own notes or should guide students in preparation of their own notes from books,” said Munir, while adding that teachers should also forbid students to purchase notes from campus shops.

Psychology Department Chairperson Professor Dr Maher Bano told the Campus Bulletin that it was unethical for shopkeepers to sells notes to students. “Some students give the shopkeepers their notes for photocopies, but the shopkeepers should not sell the same notes to other students, as this practice would spoil the hard work and efforts of intelligent students,” she added.

Journalism & Mass Communication Department Lecturer Faizullah Jan said the culture of readymade notes was dealing a blow to the creativity of students. “Whenever students get selective questions and answers, they start mugging up the lessons and stop studying books and other sources of knowledge,” he added.



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