Nomads form society for their rights


By Muhammad Shahid 

PESHAWAR: Representatives of nomads announced on Wednesday the setting up of the Kochian Welfare Society (KWS) meant to protect the rights of nomads living in the country.

“Our people have no permanent abode, as they are currently living in all four provinces,” KWS patron-in-chief Haji Malang told reporters at the Peshawar Press Club. He said nomads were also living in Afghanistan, but that KWS would only actively serve nomads living in Pakistan, especially in the Frontier province.

Nomads lack education and society should try to educate members of their community, he added.

“Our society aims to help any nomad in distress and to avoid deportation to Afghanistan in case the government launches a campaign in this regard,” said Malang, adding that nomads were not Afghan refugees but mostly born in Pakistani.

Asked if the society was registered, he said the government would soon register the society, adding that it would provide poor girls with dowry in addition to free healthcare facilities to the needy in various parts of the province.

Later, KWS President Wazir Khan told Daily Times that the KWS had been set up on the directives of some wealthy nomads who, he said would provide funds if required for any activity. He added that the society had opened its main office in Shakarpura, Peshawar. “Our society will also resolve civil disputes,” said Wazir.


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